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masukkan script iklan disini


by: Fikri Farikhin,M.Pd.I 

Mr.‘Abdullah has three sons;the oldest is Ali, the second is Ahmad and the youngest is Hasan. He loves his sons very much and he wants them to be good Muslims when they grow up. As a father, Mr. ‘Abdullah is a good Muslim so that his sons can regard him as their model.

Allah Knows Everything, One day Mr. Abdullah tested his sons to know their belief in God. He gave his sons some cake and asked them to eat it in a place where no one could see them. Ali took the cake and he went to his room. He shut the door and ate the cake. He thought that no one could see him. Ahmad went to a cave near his house. It was dark in the cave. He was sure that nobody was there who could see him. He ate the cake in the darkness of the cave. Hasan thought and thought about finding a place where nobody could see him. He thought that there was no such place. He remembered that Allah could always see him. So he did not eat the cake.

Ali and ahmad came back to their father and told him about what they did. Allah Knows Everything, Hasan came back and returned the cake to his father and said that there was no place which was secret from allah. Mr. Abdullah was very pleased with hasan and told his two sons to learn a lesson from their brother, hasan. He said that allah knew everything, saw everything and was with them all the time. So it was said, they should not do anything bad even in secret.